Do I need a passport?

This depends on how you plan to travel.  If you are planning on flying, you will need a US passport to travel.  If you are traveling by car you will need a birth certificate and Government ID.   If you do have a valid passport we recommend bringing it since it will help facilitate crossing the border both into Canada and returning to the United States.  

To apply for a US passport takes on average 2 months, so apply early so there is plenty of time.  Click Here for passport information. 

When do I need to arrive at the airport?

When leaving the U.s. the airlines recommend you arrive 2 hours prior to departure.  Keep in mind that the airlines are required to close check-in 1 hour prior to departure for additional security measures.

When leaving the wedding if you are departing out of toronto you will clear customs prior to getting to your departure gate. Due to this we recommend that you arrive no later the 2 hours prior to you scheduled departure.  For example if we are booked for a 6pm departure we would plan to leave pen lake no later then 1:30pm.

Could I get denied entry?

We love our Canadian neighbors but they are a little picky about D.U.I. and a few other pesky legal things.  Please Click Here  to learn more and the steps to be allowed into Canada.

Can I use my cell phone?

You can use your cell phone but you will get dinged roaming charges.  We would recommend contacting your carrier to add a Canadian Roaming plan or turning off you data.  Your phone will still work on the WiFi.

Booze is only sold in Government run stores, The LCBO and The Beer Store, and they love to make money on the taxes.  You may want to stop at Duty Free on your way across the boarder.  Each adult can bring 1 liter of alcohol without paying taxes across the boarder.  Also the drinking age is 19 in Canada.

What should I know about booze?

Deerhurst offers canoes, kayaks, SUps, and basic self propelled boats.  If you are looking for more power reach out to Huntsville Marina which is located on the next lake over and is attached by a canal, they can also deliver it to your location.  They offer a large selection of boats ranging from pontoon boats, fishing boats and ski boats.

Where can I rent a boat?

What should I pack?



The weather in September could go 2 ways, it could be summery or fallish.  WE recommend layers, swimsuits and a jacket are a must. the dress code for the wedding is cottage dressy (men: slacks and a coat, women: summer dresses.) Also ladies the reception will be outside on a lawn so we recommend, wedges, flats or sandals.